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The official blog of artist Kevin Obregón. Random mash-ups from the needle of the groove of my life's vinyl record. You may never know what dissonance or harmonies will be heard, but rest assured, it's still one groove...

Thank you!

Lifetime Achievement Award from the Second Annual DFW Art Awards

Lifetime Achievement Award from the Second Annual DFW Art Awards

Well, it certainly doesn't seem like a "Lifetime", but Wow! Thank you for the votes that lead to this award I received last Saturday night at the DFW Art Awards held at the Latino Cultural Center in downtown Dallas! 

I am still shocked and humbled to have won, especially considering the achievements of the nominees across the board this year! Certainly, I wouldn't have had a raspa's chance in hell in competing against last year's winner and local art hero, Frank Campagna, whom I love and deeply respect. 

Things were running late by the time the presentation got to my category, so fortunately the audience was spared my long-winded ramblings of gratitude, sacrifice and hard work, blah, blah, blah.

But I did dedicate this award to my mother (RIP) who, alongside my father, gave me every opportunity they could afford to achieve my dreams of becoming an artist. 

Thank you to all who voted and for those who voted for me. 
Thank you fellow artists who always inspire me to do better.
Thank you to my loving family (Vanesa & Nico) who put up with me and make me feel loved.
Thank you to my family back home in San Antonio, Texas.
Thank you to Daniel Yanez of Basement Gallery and Ashley Nicole Whitby of Raw: natural born artists - who put together the DFW Art Awards.

In a word: Gratitude.


New Posters are here!

"Evolve or Die"  and  "Talking Shit"  posters 18"w X 24"h each   $20/ea

"Evolve or Die" and "Talking Shit" posters
18"w X 24"h each


Finally! My new 18" x 24" posters entitled, "Evolve or Die", utilizing my winged Octopus logo, Ex Nihilo - and "Talking Shit", based on a drawing years ago taken from my personal sketchbook. - have arrived and will be for sale exclusively at Artopia this Saturday night for $20/each*!! First come, first served, so get there early!! I will also be creating a large live painting alongside several other talented artists, so stop by and say "¡Hola!!" to Vanesa and I. The whole soiree goes from 8pm - 11pm.

If you can't make the Artopia scene, please head over to this month's Midtown Art Walk located inside ValleyView Center in North Dallas, at 13331 Preston Rd and LBJ Freeway from 6pm to 10pm. My 3100 sq ft studio, STUDIOBREGÓN, will be open then, thanks to my friends Heidi & Brandi who will be covering for me! Brandi Cooper is another ValleyView Creative Community artist whose studio is right across from mine. She's very easy going and is a certified zentagle artist (Thanks you two!)

See ya!

* If I happen to sell out of these posters this weekend, I will be ordering more. They will be available at STUDIOBREGÓN, my open-to-the-public studio & showroom inside ValleyVew Center, part of the ValleyView Creative Community. Check my hours, or shoot me a email if you want to to order one.

2015 can GTFO

Let me be candid: 2015 was one really effed up year. 

I won't go into all the gory details, but suffice so say, I'm so glad it's almost over. 

At year's end, I always take stock of what worked and what didn't. I tend to keep that to myself, but in the next few months, I hope to draw upon this past year's tragedies and have them coalesce into some thoughtful works of art. Or at the very least, words for noshing. 

As for this very moment, I'm grateful for some key elements in my life. For one, my adoring, devoted, talented and spirited fiancé, Vanesa, who is my anchor and the protective glue that hold our little family together. I'm grateful for her son, Nico, whose carbon-copy antics like me when I was his age and who constantly teaches me more about myself than I care to admit. 

I am grateful for my landlord, Scott Beck, whose patience and support of local artists is virtually unheard of amongst developers. 

I am grateful for my true friends & family who are better than me at keeping in touch. (I'm working on it, guys). I'm also grateful for my many artist peers who constantly inspire me to be a better artist. THANK YOU!

Speaking of which...

(If you haven't voted for some of them for the DFW Art Awards, do it NOW before midnight! PS: I've been nominated for a "Lifetime Achievement Award", if you care to vote for me!)

I hope you all have a beautiful blow-out to 2015 and welcome with open arms all the goodness that 2016 will bring. For me, I have a hunch the word 'Change' will be a key word for me and for many. Let's just hope we can all pull through for each other when we need it most.

Slough off the bad. You are loved.

The 150 sq. ft. Epiphany

Back in early 2012, I was asked by the Belmont Hotel's owner, Monte Anderson, to brainstorm on developing an Artist Residency program for the hotel and that as a bonus, I was welcome to stay 3 months at the hotel as it's first "Test Artist", to boot! 

It was an amazing time as an artist as I got to meet the likes of Mr. Kinky Friedman, artist and former PeeWee's Playhouse set designer, Wayne White - and ubiquitous propagandist artist, Shepard Fairey

I took a ton of photos and was quite productive while staying there. Surprisingly so, given the amount of space with which I had to work: 150 sq ft.

With only three portable easels, my brushes, primary colors, Macbook, mini-fridge, microwave and my dog, I was able to create over 20 pieces, be in two shows, a full-blown parade commemorating the opening of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge and still feel I had all the room I truly needed with no undue pressure.

Belmont Hotel - Bungalow #45 Dallas, TX   

Belmont Hotel - Bungalow #45 Dallas, TX


It was here in Bungalow #45 that I had an epiphany. I didn't necessarily need to have a huge warehouse studio in order to be productive and make big things. After all, I made this giant there, too! 

All these interesting ebb and flow acquaintances would come and go as hotel guests and I was able to speak with some wonderful, seasoned travelers. I was inspired to somehow inject travel into my dreams as an artist. 

But how?  How would one travel the world on an "artist's salary"? Ahem, well you know what I mean.

The realization that all I need was essentially already there in one 150 sq ft room is what set into motion the vision of an art studio-on-wheels.

Dirty Hands

If the mantra of..."If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself!" ...has any room for a caveat, it's that one's version of right may not be that of another's. After getting burned again from someone I trusted to build my website - and to be a part of my next mission - I've come to re-embrace a certain truth: If you are tired of placing your fate in someone else's hands, you'll have to get your hands dirty. 


So here's what I've been getting dirty with:

  • My new website/blog
  • Domain name minutiae
  • Re-branding (it's not a bad word!)
  • Art making
  • Art community-building
  • Social media plugging
  • Client handling
  • E-mail databasing
  • Time managing
  • Life balancing
  • Tutoring
  • Project management
  • Chauffeuring
  • Drawing
  • Sensible-eating (damn you adulthood)
  • Bleating, cleating and....

.... and loving.

This has all been a bit of a pre-cursor to building up to something, hence the elapsed time between blog posts.... but I'm feeling good about the launch of my website.  Don't put down that remote.

Dreamers Anonymous

It is better to risk starving to death than surrender. If you give up on your dreams, what’s left?
— Jim Carrey

Anyone can Dream Big. Ask some of my friends & acquaintances what they might think of me and the terms "Dreamer", "Big Idea-guy" and "Pffft! THAT @$$#ø£∑?!" might come up. Like the Olympics, ignore the high & low scores. The truth is somewhere in between.

Thanks to the many people who continue to inspire me through their talents and ability to dream big, I know all things are possible! I've seen ideas become tangible things: Sketches into monster sculptures. Notes into books. An overheard phrase into chapters in a book.

I'm perfectly okay being tagged as a Dreamer, but I have to draw the line at stopping there. You gotta wake up and take dreams to tasks at some point. Dreams without action are only dreams. I have to fight my own demons of procrastination, taking on too much, over analyzation and distractions from what is probably undiagnosed ADHD as a child  --- all potential gremlins in my motorpsyche.

So this blog represents a periscopic and sometimes microscopic view into the landscape of art creation, no matter where creation might take place. I encourage you to pipe in with whatever questions or comments you're compelled to make.  

As for all you people who truly inspire me, Thank You for being you! And feel free to drop me a line once in a while to let me know how you're embracing your dreams.