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The 150 sq. ft. Epiphany

Back in early 2012, I was asked by the Belmont Hotel's owner, Monte Anderson, to brainstorm on developing an Artist Residency program for the hotel and that as a bonus, I was welcome to stay 3 months at the hotel as it's first "Test Artist", to boot! 

It was an amazing time as an artist as I got to meet the likes of Mr. Kinky Friedman, artist and former PeeWee's Playhouse set designer, Wayne White - and ubiquitous propagandist artist, Shepard Fairey

I took a ton of photos and was quite productive while staying there. Surprisingly so, given the amount of space with which I had to work: 150 sq ft.

With only three portable easels, my brushes, primary colors, Macbook, mini-fridge, microwave and my dog, I was able to create over 20 pieces, be in two shows, a full-blown parade commemorating the opening of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge and still feel I had all the room I truly needed with no undue pressure.

Belmont Hotel - Bungalow #45 Dallas, TX   

Belmont Hotel - Bungalow #45 Dallas, TX


It was here in Bungalow #45 that I had an epiphany. I didn't necessarily need to have a huge warehouse studio in order to be productive and make big things. After all, I made this giant there, too! 

All these interesting ebb and flow acquaintances would come and go as hotel guests and I was able to speak with some wonderful, seasoned travelers. I was inspired to somehow inject travel into my dreams as an artist. 

But how?  How would one travel the world on an "artist's salary"? Ahem, well you know what I mean.

The realization that all I need was essentially already there in one 150 sq ft room is what set into motion the vision of an art studio-on-wheels.