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The official blog of artist Kevin Obregón. Random mash-ups from the needle of the groove of my life's vinyl record. You may never know what dissonance or harmonies will be heard, but rest assured, it's still one groove...

Dirty Hands

If the mantra of..."If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself!" ...has any room for a caveat, it's that one's version of right may not be that of another's. After getting burned again from someone I trusted to build my website - and to be a part of my next mission - I've come to re-embrace a certain truth: If you are tired of placing your fate in someone else's hands, you'll have to get your hands dirty. 


So here's what I've been getting dirty with:

  • My new website/blog
  • Domain name minutiae
  • Re-branding (it's not a bad word!)
  • Art making
  • Art community-building
  • Social media plugging
  • Client handling
  • E-mail databasing
  • Time managing
  • Life balancing
  • Tutoring
  • Project management
  • Chauffeuring
  • Drawing
  • Sensible-eating (damn you adulthood)
  • Bleating, cleating and....

.... and loving.

This has all been a bit of a pre-cursor to building up to something, hence the elapsed time between blog posts.... but I'm feeling good about the launch of my website.  Don't put down that remote.