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Thank you!

Lifetime Achievement Award from the Second Annual DFW Art Awards

Lifetime Achievement Award from the Second Annual DFW Art Awards

Well, it certainly doesn't seem like a "Lifetime", but Wow! Thank you for the votes that lead to this award I received last Saturday night at the DFW Art Awards held at the Latino Cultural Center in downtown Dallas! 

I am still shocked and humbled to have won, especially considering the achievements of the nominees across the board this year! Certainly, I wouldn't have had a raspa's chance in hell in competing against last year's winner and local art hero, Frank Campagna, whom I love and deeply respect. 

Things were running late by the time the presentation got to my category, so fortunately the audience was spared my long-winded ramblings of gratitude, sacrifice and hard work, blah, blah, blah.

But I did dedicate this award to my mother (RIP) who, alongside my father, gave me every opportunity they could afford to achieve my dreams of becoming an artist. 

Thank you to all who voted and for those who voted for me. 
Thank you fellow artists who always inspire me to do better.
Thank you to my loving family (Vanesa & Nico) who put up with me and make me feel loved.
Thank you to my family back home in San Antonio, Texas.
Thank you to Daniel Yanez of Basement Gallery and Ashley Nicole Whitby of Raw: natural born artists - who put together the DFW Art Awards.

In a word: Gratitude.