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The official blog of artist Kevin Obregón. Random mash-ups from the needle of the groove of my life's vinyl record. You may never know what dissonance or harmonies will be heard, but rest assured, it's still one groove...

2015 can GTFO

Let me be candid: 2015 was one really effed up year. 

I won't go into all the gory details, but suffice so say, I'm so glad it's almost over. 

At year's end, I always take stock of what worked and what didn't. I tend to keep that to myself, but in the next few months, I hope to draw upon this past year's tragedies and have them coalesce into some thoughtful works of art. Or at the very least, words for noshing. 

As for this very moment, I'm grateful for some key elements in my life. For one, my adoring, devoted, talented and spirited fiancé, Vanesa, who is my anchor and the protective glue that hold our little family together. I'm grateful for her son, Nico, whose carbon-copy antics like me when I was his age and who constantly teaches me more about myself than I care to admit. 

I am grateful for my landlord, Scott Beck, whose patience and support of local artists is virtually unheard of amongst developers. 

I am grateful for my true friends & family who are better than me at keeping in touch. (I'm working on it, guys). I'm also grateful for my many artist peers who constantly inspire me to be a better artist. THANK YOU!

Speaking of which...

(If you haven't voted for some of them for the DFW Art Awards, do it NOW before midnight! PS: I've been nominated for a "Lifetime Achievement Award", if you care to vote for me!)

I hope you all have a beautiful blow-out to 2015 and welcome with open arms all the goodness that 2016 will bring. For me, I have a hunch the word 'Change' will be a key word for me and for many. Let's just hope we can all pull through for each other when we need it most.

Slough off the bad. You are loved.